How to measure your ring size

The best way to accurately measure your ring size is to be measured at a local jewellers. Alternatively you can use a DIY ring sizer. It's not advisable to measure your ring size with paper or string - this won't give an accurate reading. 

DIY ring sizer
You may find your ring size changes throughout the day depending on the warmth of your hands and after physical activity. 

A larger ring size is often required when considering a wide ring or a set of stacking rings

Also bear in mind that your ring must be able to fit over your knuckle when taking a measurement.


My ring re-sizing policy:

Its always best to check your size before ordering but if you have received your ring and it isn't the right size then I can resize as follows:

For band rings with no stone settings:

One size up or down: Free, just send it back without the ring box. You must cover the postage cost to return it to me and I will cover the cost to send back to you again. I will resize and ship your ring again within 3 business days of receipt. 

More than one size: A fee of £15 will be charged to cover labour and postage. Please contact me to arrange payment before returning your ring. Once paid just return the ring without its box. I will alter the ring and send it back to you as soon as possible. During busy periods this may be unto 2 weeks. 

For rings with stone settings: Please contact me to request a quote for resizing. 

Resizing service only available for SilverZoo rings.


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