7 Reasons to Buy Handmade Jewellery

7 Reasons to buy Handmade Jewellery

1 Exclusivity

Although a maker may replicate a popular design or produce a batch from a mould there is a finite number that can be produced before the artist moves onto a new collection or simply retires. Every piece is a limited edition!

Supporting craft and craftspeople

Having the skill and knowledge of a craft is special and should be honoured. By buying handmade jewellery you are directly supporting a small business, the self-employed person who runs it, their family, the local community and local economy. You are supporting years of learning and honing of skills. You are supporting the legacy of craft by supporting a craftsperson to keep their skills alive!


The value of handcrafted jewellery is in its uniqueness and rareness. You are buying a wearable piece of art. Something unique, exclusive and special. It is an exclusive limited edition piece that will appreciate in value over time.

Modern heirloom

Handmade jewellery is exclusive and personal, especially if it has been designed just for you. One day you may pass your handmade jewellery along to a relative as an heirloom.


Mass-produced jewellery is boring! Why have the same old tat made of cheap materials produced in a factory as thousands of other people when you can have something special. Instead of owning hundreds of pieces of jewellery, why not choose a few special handmade pieces that are higher quality and as they are more exclusive are overall better value for money?


Designer-makers can source the best materials, and often have the flexibility to source from other small businesses and as locally as possible. Design is more than having an idea and drawing a picture of it. It is carefully planning how every piece will come together, the size, weight and dimensions of every aspect of the piece, how it will sit on the body. The designer will choose the perfect materials to create the piece and waste nothing.


Last but most importantly: The beauty of handmade jewellery is its uniqueness. Even when pieces are made in a batch from the same design no two will ever be identical.  You can commission a jewellery designer-maker to create something entirely bespoke for you. A bespoke commissioned piece of jewellery has an immense value. It is a true one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery, there will never be a duplicate, you will be the owner of a piece of wearable art, a piece that you can treasure and will become your own modern heirloom. It will bear the marks of a makers craft and skill and the tools used to create it. The maker will most certainly remember making it for as long as they live, it is not just another number in a batch to drop off of the production line, it is truly unique.


So there you have it! Have you ever wanted to have a unique piece of jewellery made just for you? To discuss your ideas get in touch here.

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