Sustainability is at the heart of everything I do; my jewellery is created using sustainable materials. Where possible I use Scottish gemstones ethically sourced from an independent Scottish lapidarist. I use traditional craft techniques to hand make all my pieces individually or in small batches from design to finish in my Aberdeenshire studio. I use non-toxic materials in my process and paper based fully recyclable and minimal packaging.

Sustainable and ethical jewellery is:

  • Using materials that can be traced back to source and have been obtained in an ethical way
  • Uses recycled materials, minimises waste in production and recycles any leftovers
  • Using materials that don't exploit child labour and provide a fair wage
  • Produced in a way that doesn't negatively impact the environment


Mining for precious metals can have devastating consequences on the environment from large scale excavation, pollution of the earth and water sources and a negative impact on the communities who live in its vicinity.

I choose to work with recycled silver - my metal supplier is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council in the UK.


Mining for stones can also have a devastating impact on the environment and wildlife. As there is no governing body to oversee the global supply of gemstones it is difficult to ensure the ethical background of all stones; but not impossible. 

Where possible I use Scottish gemstones ethically sourced from small independent collectors and lapadrists so I can guarantee that they have been procured ethically and are fully traceable. 

View my Scottish Stones Collection here


I am a one-woman team and hand make every piece of jewellery using recycled metal in small batches from start to finish in my home studio. There is little waste to my production but every off-cut and even the silver dust from my bench is gathered and refined back into use. 

Where chemicals are required I use environmentally friendly options wherever possible. Such as water based rather than silica based polishing compounds, dish detergent for cleaning rather than the hazardous alternative and food grade pickle for cleaning fire oxides. 


My packaging has been designed to be 100% recyclable.

I use cardboard mailing boxes sealed with paper tape made of unbleached paper with a solvent-free adhesive. 

All of the outer packaging is completely paper based and 100% recyclable.

My jewellery boxes are made from FSC certified recycled card and I use paper pouches for small items.

All business cards and printed items are printed on recycled card and are 100% recyclable.