Jewellers work bench, Aimi Cairns Jewelley

I am inspired by the forest. It is the slow steady heartbeat of the earth. The magic of being amongst trees filters the noise out of the world, fills your body with air, slows the heart rate and clears the mind. Every visit is different as the seasons pass the leaves turn, streams swell then dry, new life emerges and old life is returned to the earth. Keeping a connection to the rhythms of nature is rejuvenating and mindful.

I create jewellery inspired by that magic and I hope it will inspire the wearer to take a mindful moment in nature to soothe the soul.


I use recycled silver and semi-precious stones in my work crafted with traditional metal smithing techniques. I love that the process of creating something so clean and delicate involves such dirt and mayhem! My collection of tools tells a story of the processes I use.

I endeavour to reduce waste in every step of my creative practice. I use only recycled silver and save every scrap to be reused again in house or refined. I make every piece of jewellery by hand from concept to production, it is important to me to uphold the essence of small batch production and slow craft to create pieces with meaning and integrity that will last rather than producing on mass and throwing things away. jewellery tools

I have always been creative and in 2006 I was seeking a creative outlet to find my way through a difficult time in my life. I began evening classes and discovered a passion for jewellery making almost by accident. I was hooked and after 3 years of evening classes I kept the hobby up at the kitchen table. I firmly believe creativity is vital in maintaining good mental health and an integral part of self-care. Now when I’m not at the bench (or walking amongst trees) I am drawing, embroidering, cooking, colouring in, making stained glass or gardening.

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My daughters are my world, and by far the best thing I’ve ever created! I began my small business in 2014 when I became a mother to allow me to develop a creative practice for my own wellbeing and to work from home to spend as much time as possible watching my girls grow up. 

My studio is a part of our home and I am proud to show my girls that following a passion in the pursuit of happiness can be very rewarding. 

Aimi Cairns

I sell my work here online, at craft fairs in person across Scotland and with a select few independent retailers. I also run jewellery making workshops locally, click to find out more

Thank you for taking the time to visit, if you have any questions or feedback please get in touch.

- Aimi


Aberdeen Art Gallery Gift Shop, Aberdeen

FOLD at the Barn Arts, Banchory

Milton Art Gallery, Milton of Crathes



I've been running pop-up jewellery classes locally since 2018 in collaboration with local gift shops. I now organise my own workshops and offer private and corporate events Click here to view current classes. 

I have previously freelanced as a tutor with Vanilla Ink The Smiddy in Banff.


Events 2024:

Art Bazaar - 29 -31st March, Trinity Centre

Bowhouse - St Monans Fife 13th April, 12th May, 14th July, 11th August

A Fine Fair - 14th April Barra Castle, Inverurie

Taste of Grampian - 1st June P&J Live, Aberdeen

NEOS - 7th - 15th September, Milton of Crathes


Events Past - You may have spotted me at:

Fyvie Castle Christmas Fair, Tea Green Bowhouse Fife, Tea Green Aberdeen Art Gallery, JEM Dundee at V&A Dundee, Taste of Grampian, Slow Living Events Inverurie, Crathes Castle, Aberdeen Artists Society Exhibition, flock at The Barn, Art Aboyne 2021, Etsy Made Local Aberdeen, Haan + Fine Christmas Collective 2018, American Women's Association Christmas Fair, Ministry of Crafts Aberdeen....