What is Gold Fill?

Gold fill is a high quality material and great alternative to gold jewellery. It's more affordable than gold due to its base metal core but stands up to wear and tear far better than plated jewellery. Read on to discover the differences

Gold Fill vs Gold plated, what is gold filled



GOLD FILL - is a mechanically bonded layer of metal sandwiched between layers of gold. The thick outer layer of gold makes it highly durable but the base metal core means it is considerably cheaper than solid.

GOLD PLATED - electrolysis is used to deposit a very thin layer of gold to the surface of metal. This can be easily scratched of worn off. 

GOLD VERMEIL - sometimes confused with gold fill, this is a different product altogether. It's made in a similar process to plating but a thicker layer of gold is deposited on a silver core.


You can care for gold fill jewellery in the same way as gold or silver jewellery; wash in warm soapy water. A soft brush can be used to remove debris but avoid scrubbing as this may scratch the surface. Dry with a soft cloth. Use a jewellery polishing cloth to gently shine the surface. Store in a box or pouch when not worn.

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