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Everything you need to know to help choose a wedding ring


First decide what profile of ring you would like. Below are some examples of shape profiles to choose from.

Oval is smooth on both the inside and outside of the band so it's very smooth and comfortable to wear. 

Rectangular is flat faced but the edges are beveled to smooth them. This shape is excellent for applying a textured surface to.

Round profile is a more modern choice and can be in any diameter, 1.5mm to 2mm is most popular.

Flat profile has a low profile that sits more flush to the skin.

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Next choose the metal. If you will be wearing the band next to your engagement ring its a good idea to choose the same metal and fineness for both rings. Different metals have different hardnesses and one may scratch the other is they are different. You will also want them to match in colour: silver, white gold and platinum are all white metals but they have completely different tones.   

Silver is the most affordable option for a wedding ring and more and more couples are choosing this for their bands.

Gold is the traditional choice and is available in different colours and carat weights which have an impact on its price. 9ct is less fine and therefore more affordable than 18ct.  

White gold is a popular choice right now. Something to consider is that it is common to rhodium plate white gold to make it very bright white in colour. This plating will wear down over time and need to be reapplied every few years. 

Platinum is expensive but is very strong and will last very well with a lifetime of wear. 


Next choose the finish: polished, satin or textured. All jewellery will dull and wear with time and it will be necessary to have your jewellery professionally polished every few years to maintain its finish. However the wear and change of the piece of jewellery are part of its story and many prefer to let it age gracefully!


The final consideration are the extra touches. Would you like the rings engraved? Would you like a special wooden box to present them in? Would you like it hallmarked - if its made from silver with may not be required and would be optional but for all other precious metals it is necessary. Learn more about hallmarking requirements here

As all rings are made to order from scratch every element is customisable. Get in touch to discuss your wedding rings today

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